Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Light. On Second Thoughts, Ultra-Light


Light. On second thoughts, ultra-light.
This adjective best defines the UCB Women collection for the next Spring Summer season.
It’s a question of fabrics and weights. Obviously. But also, and perhaps above all, of content and style, because lightness and freshness is the way of life the collection exudes.
Severity with grace, fuss-free glamour, trendy without exaggeration, natural elegance.

Code Breaking. The rules have changed, but the elegance is the same. White and an urban tennis look achieved through loose frilly blouses and trousers in various lengths; featherweight cabled or ribbed mini pullovers; close-fitting men’s shirts and linear short jackets. The polka-dot dresses or sporty shirtwaisters under trench coats or canvas duffle coats come straight from the VIPs’ enclosure.

Heavenly Creature. A corner of heaven on earth where all is pale and ethereal: puff-skirt dresses swollen by a light breeze, loose silk- or cotton-muslin blouses, crinkly skirts like angel wings, impalpable lacework knits, petal patterns, lace, stripes and light sweatshirts. White and dawn shades.

Suburban Beat. Even the street look takes a softer turn. The compulsory blue and black denim join forces with narrow sailor stripes, flowery muslin tops and bon-ton twinsets. Carefully crumpled asphalt-black blazers and Bermuda shorts are made of madras-style linen. Tattoo embroidery and even tiny lace edging.

Mistaken Identity. Girl soldiers straight from the tailor’s. The army style goes off duty. Regulation safari and bomber jackets, blouses and blazers with high-fashion proportions. Cargo trousers and colonial shorts obey the same orders. Around these are light empire-line dresses, lingerie tops, crumpled-effect knits and jungle patterns.

Update from South America. The summer heats up to a South-American beat. Striped denim, flowers and samba colours, tango black and red, white frills, siesta lace. A South American journey around clothes hangers: petticoat skirts and jazz pants, puff sleeves, layered tops and twirling dresses. For muchachas the world over.

Photography by David Sims & Fabrica, F. Morandin

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