Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2008 Runway Show DONNA


The collection is a tribute to contemporary art and its endless experimentation with materials, colours and ideas; specifically referring to the Gramercy Park New York, where cultural influences merge together and create a visual explosion. The style that inspires this type of art is romantic, sweet and feminine, but at the same time sensual and seductive.


Characterized by endless research of fabrics, like an artist explores the use of new textures, to make his paintings unique. Dresses created with layers of fabrics, like tulle, organza and silk net. Hems of dresses are unfinished, similar to a painters’ canvas taken from its frame. Voluminous dresses of precious Venetian brocade made like works of art. Skirts, short and long painters smocks, flared pants that can be worn with flat shoes. Knitwear made with layers of fabrics like silk net.


Delicate and geometric.


Handpainted silk shantung has a similar effect to a painters stretched canvas. Silk, net silk, organza, tulle, taffeta, Venetian brocade, painted Mikado.


Pale: ecru, pearl, grey, beige and rose. Strong: multi coloured mix and match.


Several sizes of bags in crocodile, python and Venetian brocade, solid and patchwork; handles are typical of luggage. Flat shoes. Lace-up shoes, with chunky or curved cone heels. Crocodile or brocade belts.


"Under my thumb" Rolling Stones Dub Remix

Source:Dolce & Gabbana

Sunday, February 17, 2008

RE- EVOLUTION Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer Runway Show UOMO


A re-evolution of the Dolce & Gabbana style results from a thorough experimentation of fabrics, with a great attention to the brand’s signature tailoring.
Fabrics and materials are mixed: jute is thermo-welded or pieced together by taped rubber strips for a sensual effect.


Jute, faille, wool, cotton, silk, denim, rubber, crocodile.


White, black, military green, floral prints.


Sleek and skinny. Seamless jackets, long or knee-length trousers are reinvented with new volumes and proportions. Narrow collars and ties.


Seamless hemp jackets and cotton and hemp trousers are infused with iron wires to perfectly fit to the body. Jeans are constructed with no stitching but instead with tape applications.
New cone-shaped cargo pants illuminate due to an electric device stitched within. Leather jackets come with an incorporated armor.
Cotton, silk, and linen knitwear is enhanced with rubber piping.
Shirts have visual seams and several pockets.
Black tuxedos are worn with white, black or military green shirts.
Vests are paired with solid skinny ties.


Sandals with tire-like soles, monochrome sneakers,classic leather or crocodile pointed shoes. Gauze scarves, military caps, jute belts, welder-like sunglasses.



Source:Dolce & Gabbana