Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rugger Spring/Summer 2007 Collection

Mirroring a youthful and carefree attitude, preppy garments with vintage flavors are presented encouraging mixing, matching and styling according to the mindset of the day. Evocative of the iconic ’50s, the patinous biker jacket is a summer must-have, boldly combined with fitted pants or faded jeans with printed T-shirts in washed cotton. Western-inspired shirts in plaid and madras patterns along with the fitted denim shirt are wear-everyday-items that complete the summer wardrobe. Perfect for laid-back days are loose fit cargo pants combined with a short sleeved shirt or stonewashed crewnecks with raw edges reminiscent of worn all-time favorites. Floral and ethnic prints, badges, colored stitches and patchwork enhance the authentic feeling of the range as well as sun-faded colors and accessories such as block-striped knee socks for endless styling opportunities.

Photo:Courtesy of GANT

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Paradise - Spring/Summer 2007 Campaigns of "House"

The Brand of HOUSE
House is a clothing brand targeted at young people in the 15–25 age group, offering original street wear collections designed with the latest trends and inspirations in mind. The collections are developed by the design department, which employs highly qualified professionals who are graduates of renowned schools. Inspirations behind the collections come not only from international clothing fairs but also from observing the street, club fashion and broadly-defined pop culture.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Diesel Wall Beijing:I Could Be Yours

Last but not least, we introduce the Great Wall of China, in the Dashanzi Art District

We cover (almost) all Planet’s corner in this year’s edition of Diesel Wall. We have Europe, we are present in North America, and we also conquered a space in Asia, in one of the trendiest areas of Beijing.

The Diesel Wall in Beijing is situated in the Dashanzi Art District, often referred to as the “798 Art/Cultural District,”. The area is located in Dashanzi in the northeast of central Beijing. The area was originally the site of State-owned factories including Factory 798, which used to produce electronics. The Dashanzi factory complex was vacated at around the time when most of Beijing's contemporary artist community was looking for a new home.

Dashanzi is now a center of Beijing's nascent "BoBo" (bourgeois-bohemian) community and it has become globally recognized as a centre of innovative contemporary art, made up of numerous artist studios, galleries, bookstores, shops, cafes, etc.

You can find out more on the Dashanzi Art District on Wikipedia.

You will have an area of 123 SM (square meter) in the middle of the façade to create your artwork. Yes, there are windows. You can “play” with them or you can just ignore them. You decide.



Dress your face! Not with makeup or a daring piercing or tattoo.

It's the liberation of those valuable, indispensable, “corrective” eyeglasses that, in one or two moves, are transformed into a cult item for trendsetters, to wear and match as you would a sweater, scarf, shirt or coat.

Dress Your Face is an idea resulting from a partnership between Allison and the Benetton Group. Men and women can create their own United Colors of Benetton glasses every day, depending on their look and mood.

The project is as simple as it is clever and fun.

You choose from among six different metal frame designs, each one available in three variations - gold-plated, silver-plated or gun metal gray - with flexible sides and transparent endpieces engraved with the brand's knit stitch logo.
A simple click attaches three types of very light Grilamid covers to the frame:
covering the whole, upper half or just the top.

The covers come in a choice of colors that you would only expect from United Colors of Benetton: solid colors from gaudy to delicate, streaked, shaded, flamed, shiny and opaque tones, with two or three colors used together. And versions for women include applications of minute, sparkling and ultra-feminine Swarovski crystals.

To summarize and at the same time overwhelm you: 18 frames, 87 different covers to create as many pairs of glasses.

The combination game seems endless because it continues from the glasses to the cases, made of hard plastic in six lively colors with contrasting interiors and a compartment reserved for covers, obviously accompanied by assorted cloths.

But there's more. There are colored boxes for the opticians to keep and organize their stock, even on display.
The outside of each box is marked with the model code and cover variations.
Inside, it is divided into compartments to provide fast, easy storage.

And if words are not enough, the advertising campaign – created by photographer David Sims and in perfect Benetton style – speaks volumes. Close-ups of a man and a woman who clearly show that applying a designer’s creative flair to eyewear is child’s play.

Irresistible temptations direct from the optician's shop window for fashionistas and everyone who appreciates a total look from 20/20 and up.