Sunday, April 8, 2007

Diesel Wall Beijing:I Could Be Yours

Last but not least, we introduce the Great Wall of China, in the Dashanzi Art District

We cover (almost) all Planet’s corner in this year’s edition of Diesel Wall. We have Europe, we are present in North America, and we also conquered a space in Asia, in one of the trendiest areas of Beijing.

The Diesel Wall in Beijing is situated in the Dashanzi Art District, often referred to as the “798 Art/Cultural District,”. The area is located in Dashanzi in the northeast of central Beijing. The area was originally the site of State-owned factories including Factory 798, which used to produce electronics. The Dashanzi factory complex was vacated at around the time when most of Beijing's contemporary artist community was looking for a new home.

Dashanzi is now a center of Beijing's nascent "BoBo" (bourgeois-bohemian) community and it has become globally recognized as a centre of innovative contemporary art, made up of numerous artist studios, galleries, bookstores, shops, cafes, etc.

You can find out more on the Dashanzi Art District on Wikipedia.

You will have an area of 123 SM (square meter) in the middle of the façade to create your artwork. Yes, there are windows. You can “play” with them or you can just ignore them. You decide.


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