Monday, April 2, 2007

Cabbeen In New Youk Fashion Week

CABBEEN, the 35-year-old men's clothing designer who is considered one of the most influential creators of men's fashion in Mainland China will launch his innovative label, Cabbeen, in the U.S. on Saturday, February 3 at 8 p.m. during New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This marks the first time a collection and label from Mainland China is debuting at the U. S. shows; it highlights the role Cabbeen has played as an innovator in cutting-edge Chinese fashion itself and in introducing its influence to the U.S. He is doing this in a way that is both authentically Chinese - yet also represents an innovative take on a fashion influence that has long been utilized in world-wide fashion by those who are not Chinese. Cabbeen also brings a style of fashion showmanship that is grand (his shows in China have included 100 top models). In China, his designs are regularly worn by movie stars and artists.

CABBEEN's Fall 2007 New York debut will focus on "classic" CABBEEN. This means season-less fabrics; as Cabbeen knows, what works in China weather- and travel-wise translates beautifully here. The collection features suits, jackets, shirts and jeans decorated with Cabbeen's signature embroidery as well as evoking a military influence that is equally reflective of Cabbeen's fashion focus. The clothes, in a palette of black, white and gray accented by deep reds and yellows, will be paired with the accessories for which Cabbeen is also known - ultra-hip sneakers; silk scarves that are knotted and tied to resemble cool cravats; and his famous "gaudy" ties.

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