Sunday, August 12, 2007


The Diesel design team, headed by its Creative Director Wilbert Das, has turned contradiction into a positive force by blending Native American references with science fiction to create the denizens of a futuristic New York City.A tribe of proud, poised individuals stride through an exaggerated Manhattan landscape in a comic strip fantasy. Like the skyscrapers themselves, our heroes have a glittering, metallic glamour.
The Native American touches recall one of Diesel’s most enduring icons – the Only the Brave ‘punk Native American’ logo. This contrast of heritage and future provides an unexpected blend of warmth and cool. Shiny nylon, silk and lurex are tempered by black fox fur, soft jersey and the rugged luxury of treated leather.
Colors are strong and polished: black, copper, purple and white. Glossy black piping catches the neon lights. Patent leather provides a tough carapace – yet there is also the delicate touch of embroidery.
The beautiful wildness of feathers runs like a trail through the collection.
Diesel’s Only the Brave logo has been revisited for the 21st century cityscape, with steel blades playing the role of feathers.
And of course Diesel would not be the same without denim, in all its forms.
Watch out for one of the stars of the show: the new copper lamè black denim, for the ultimate in coruscating elegance.
Shapes, too, are contradictory, as skinny leggings and roomy tops play games with volume.Coats have a military swagger, but pockets in unexpected places add a gentle eccentricity. An oversized belted trench-coat is ready for action; while a military poncho has a quirky charm.
One of the keys to the collection is the ruffle effect, with long trousers ruffled at the bottom or a denim mini-dress gathered at both sides.
Figure-hugging trousers and flirty mini-skirts bring optimism and sensuality to this brave new world. Or perhaps we should say, to this world of the brave.

Source:press release Diesel

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