Tuesday, August 14, 2007


H&M’s younger line, Divided, is all about creative design with references from the latest international trends as well as from the street and club scenes. The diverse Divided collection is a way to express your personality with clothes and accessories. To make the most and the best of your style, your way.

'The Divided concept has a style that attracts both grown-up and teenage customers. I think the creativity and comfort is the key to success. Great patterns and prints, cool styles, and, most importantly, the latest trends translated in a playful and unpretentious manner,' says H&M's head of design Margareta van den Bosch.

This autumn, the design team at H&M Divided have been inspired by 1950s rockabilly, elegant 70s rock style, and the layered grunge styling or clean Minimal looks from the 90s. Sports-inspired pieces and vintage couture silhouettes complete the variety, along with an extensive selection of jeans and denim styles.

Slim and casual.

Black and white, grey, petrol blue, khaki, brown, red and pink with acid accents.

Patterns and prints
Graphic prints, tartan, Fair Isle patterns, animal prints, stripes, jacquard, front prints, polka dots, braids.

Denim, cotton jersey, sweatshirt cotton, flannel, corduroy, wool, mohair, leather, fake fur, nylon, fleece, WCT.

Source:press release H&M

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