Sunday, June 1, 2008


Don’t lose time pondering, reflecting, go faster for Heaven’s sake!

Instant, disposable and forgettable, nothing is really worth waiting for and doing stuff fast you can do even more.

So get it done and move on!

Diesel’s new campaign pictures living in a world where time is short. Very short.

Ever faster food, instant coffee, time-bending narcotics, missiles, speed-dating, clones, instant messaging, Intel chips, money rich, time poor – 21st century living is the ultimate acceleration of everything.

With astringent (but entertaining) social comment, Diesel’s new campaign evokes the ultimate fast-forward world: Diesel people, unaware of their own absurdity, turbo-process everyday tasks at the speed of light, seemingly oblivious to the extreme nature of their behaviour.

Shot in Los Angeles by Laurie Bartley and styled by Cher Coulter, the ‘Live Fast’ campaign was devised by Wilbert Das and his Diesel Creative Team in conjunction with French advertising agency, ‘Marcel’.

Is this the right way to live? The new campaign poses this question by assaulting us with the spectacle of the absurd. Diesel creates a crazy fairground mirror in which consumers can look at their own distorted reflections and have a good laugh at themselves.


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