Monday, May 19, 2008


The Japanese talent, winner of the Diesel Award at ITS#SIX,
is now ready to present his capsule collection in Diesel stores worldwide

Born in Tokyo, driven by an incredible passion for art and only 25 years old: introducing Taro Horiuchi, an upcoming fashion designer who has won the coveted opportunity to step into the fashion world through the Diesel Award at ITS – the international creative platform supporting new talents, an annual event held in Trieste, Italy. As part of his prize, Taro worked with the Diesel Creative Team, an international group of over 40 designers, in order to develop his own collection which will be produced and distributed by Diesel.

Commenting about his experience, Taro said: “It was the first time I had the chance to work in a real team: the Diesel Creative Team is a fast, involving, fascinating environment where I was able to learn techniques and breath creativity.”

Taro’s eclectic personality and interests derive directly from his cosmopolitan experience. He spent his formative years between Asia and Europe with his art dealer father, who introduced him to a world where Greek statues, Egyptian sculptures and Indian paintings were everyday companions. His main inspirations today are Buddhism, African primitive religions, tattoos and colours, with a special interest in the Nazca lines (the Peruvian geoglyphs) in which he has discovered inspiring futuristic geometric forms.

He has applied all these aspects to his collection “Ancient Plastic” with the use of tailoring techniques as well as the addition of layers of transparent fabrics in different colours. Essential, clean lines and basic pieces belong to a “sacred” interpretation of clothing, where men and women collide to express the uniqueness of human beings when facing God.

From March 2008, Taro’s collection will be available in Diesel flagship stores around the world - Milan, Paris, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, London and Brussels to name but a few - featuring the designer’s name on the label and attracting attention from media as well as top international fashion houses and buyers.


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