Friday, December 14, 2007


The Story
Mr. Néant changes the world

The story of video is the story of Mr. Néant [Literally Mr. Non-Existent] changing the big wide world into a magical wonderland. On his various discoveries he runs into an endless number of unexpected it all into something beautiful and magical. Mr. Néant has the extraordinary ability of absorbing the positive things while changing the negative things into something beneficial. No matter what happens Mr. Néant always manages to give out positive vibes. On his journey Mr. Néant first discovers a strange jungle with unfamiliar inhabitants. Then he crosses an empty and rocky desert, Stumbling across an angry character who want to shoot him. After that, Mr. Néant wanders through an urban jungle with mechanical plants and futuristic architecture. But whatever Mr. Néant discovers, he does not loose heart, he does not give in. He absorbs all negative and cruel occurrences to change them inside his body and releases them back into the world as traces of colorful flowers. The story finishes with us climbing inside Mr. Néant and discovering that all the elements Mr. Néant absorbed during his journey are still inside his body, transformed into a blissful, sunny wonder world.

“I won’t stop”
Written by Maxi jazz and Rollo.
Produced by Rollo and Sister Bliss, Vocals: Maxi jazz, Guitar by Yoav. Keyboards by Sister Bliss, Engineer and mix by Grippa. Recorded at Ark Recording Studios. London, UK.

See the video here

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