Monday, January 19, 2009

'hyperbolic crochet coral reef' exhibition at track 16, santa monica, USA

one of the acknowledged wonders of the natural world, the great barrier reef stretches along
the coast of queensland, australia. its existence is threatened due to global warming and pollutants.
in homage to the reef christine and margaret wertheim of the institute for figuring have instigated
a project to crochet a handmade reef.

vast in scale, brightly colored, collective in construction, exquisitely detailed, the crochet reef project
has been created by people all over the world. the roots of the crochet reef project are to be found
in the realm of mathematics for the reef also celebrates a geometry realized throughout the oceanic
realm. loopy kelps, fringed anemones, crenellated corals and curlicued sponges are all manifestations
of a structure known as hyperbolic space.

the 'hyperbolic crochet coral reef' exhibition is currently on display at track 16 gallery, santa monica, USA
until february 21, 2009.


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