Friday, October 10, 2008


Folk romantic, sleek and sporty, tailored retro and arty bohemian inspire H&M’s design team this season. To mix a couple or why not all directions - is the way to make fashion work this autumn. Creativity is required, as well as heaps of style.
“Global folk culture and the art world are important references this fall. It’s not just one artist or genre that inspire but the whole art scene - historic as well as contemporary”, says H&M’s new head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson.


World cultures
Durable design and quality are in focus and being aware of and be inspired by other cultures.Folk style is evident with handicraft, colours and motifs from all over the world.

Sportswear influence

The sportswear industry with its focus on function and performance is a great source of inspiration both for fabrics, design and details. Tailoring made of sportswear inspired materials feels and looks new, as do details including press studs, Velcro fastenings, drawstrings and hoods add to functionality of these garments.

Art and decadence

The art scene is an inspirational source this season. Looks are derived from a decadent Bohemian attitude and style from the 1920s, with psychedelic 1970s prints, 1960s style pop-art and colourful handicraft. Designs are also drawn from Berlin’s cabaret 1930s looks, dramatic Goth and eccentric styles in general.

Retro tailoring
Although retro fashion is not the main theme this season, it is still influencing tailoring and couture style. Sharp, androgynous post- war 1940s silhouettes are evident in addition to a contrasting, sleek and elegant 1970s inspired lines. Late 19th century poetic romanticism is also key.


Contrasting slim and wide, long and short. Semi- fitted, never tight.

From neutral beiges and greys to black and white, muted jewel colours and clear or soft brights.

Patterns and prints

Ethnic, graphic, psychedelic, hand-painted style, classic checks and stripes, abstract, oriental, floral.

Nylon, polyester, heavy cotton twill, corduroy, lace, velvet, wool, heavy-looking light weights, double weaves, blends, organic materials.

Key items

Ladieswear: Tunic, folk blouse and dress, wide trousers, wide skirt, corset, blazer, cardigan, jumper, trench coat, parka, T-shirt, jeans.
Menswear: Shirt, tailored trousers, blazer, suit, worker pants, jeans, jersey, cardigan, tank top, lumber jacket, parka, T-shirt.


Ladies: Earrings, bangles, handcrafted jewellery, antique style jewellery, tights, hat, long scarf, gloves, boots, lace up boots, wide belt, soft large bag, beret.
Men: Tie, bow tie, fine knit and woven scarf, fake fur hats, leather gloves, nylon sport’s bag, soft leather weekend bag, jodhpur boots, lace up shoes.

Photographer:Peter Gehrke
Source: Press Release H&M

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