Sunday, October 7, 2007


Wall Street. A tough NYC look is created by a hard-hitting smoky black wardrobe, with a sophisticated sex appeal. A selection of contrasts offer various options: Short and boxy trench coats or long, sleek and elegant ones with fur collars. Trousers are either wide with many darts or tapering and very slim. Sweaters are either wide one piece garments or figure-hugging with parts in quilted nylon. Shiny minis or Bermuda shorts in cool wool.
Top Gun. For the determined woman there is a provocative rethink of the tracksuit and the aviator jacket. Slim-fit down-filled jackets and jogging shorts, form-fitting jeans with striped sweaters. Knits are romantic and relaxed, and shirts are arabesqued and shiny like a fuselage. The main colours are air force blue denim and khaki
Gosford Park. A soft and feminine look for the country. Faux fur or hand knitted boleros, frock coat jackets in waterproof cotton or wool worn with long trousers or shorts. The colours of a rainy English countryside are brightened by flashes of violet and rosewood shades. Herringbone, velvet, Prince of Wales, moleskin, leather and faux fur are softened with floral patterns from the Art-Nouveau of the 1930s.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A sophisticated section worthy of the Holly Golightly/Audrey Hepburn icon. The theme’s key looks are the evening and cocktail dresses in black and cream. Either a slim-fit version in textured fabric or a fuller dress in organza with random sunray pleats coated in gold. Naturally there is daywear too. Short, boxy sixties style coats above the knee, ultra-lightweight and sheer “veiled” knitwear and black trousers to be worn with faux mink jackets cinched at the waist by flashy belts in passion red.
Source:press release SISLEY

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