Saturday, July 21, 2007

World Premiere of the 'Animal' Series

At the beginning of July, aussieBum launched its ‘Animal’ inspired designs in the middle of Dreamworld’s spectacular ‘Tiger Island’. A month ago, Dreamworld (the biggest theme park in Australia) welcomed the first 2 Sumatran tiger cubs ever born in this country (the oldest surviving tiger species in the world today). The tiger cubs were a key attraction during aussieBum’s jungle fashion show. Here are some behind the scenes shots from the show.

See the video of behine the scenes here

Dreamworld makes a significant contribution to tiger conservation on a global scale through the park’s Tiger Fund.

To date, Dreamworld has donated over $750,000 to saving tigers in the wild through the Dreamworld Tiger Fund by donating directly to the following programs.

· Flora and Fauna International

· LifeForce Satpura National Park Project India

· 21st Century Tiger (another UK based charity)

· Sumatran Tiger project

· Taman Safari Park

· The Phoenix Fund

Working closely with these organisations, Dreamworld actively contributes to anti-poaching activity including anti-poaching patrols on the ground in Indonesia, India and Russia, Ranger salaries, the purchase of medical equipment and patrol vehicles, intelligence and legal activity.

Dreamworld’s Tiger Island plays a leading role in tiger conservation world-wide through donations and hands-on involvement with conservation field projects actively saving tigers in the wild.

With the recent birth of Dreamworld’s precious Sumatran tiger cubs and the introduction of ‘Cub Experiences,’ people have a new awareness of the struggle and the grim future faced by these precious creatures in the wild.

aussiebum has also made a contribtution of AUD$ 5,000 to Dreamworld's Tiger Fund.

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