Wednesday, June 6, 2007


When the wind is strong, all it takes is a light touch on the rudder to change tack.
Something similar has happened to Killer Loops’ collection for next summer: tiny details, minimal modifications, changed proportions and … the brand has changed aspect, so much so that K-direction is now heart-shaped. Having abandoned the excesses that verged on sloppiness, there are the first signs of a new surf-skate-street style. It’s hard to say what exactly has changed, because the mood’s still the same. You need quick reflexes, concentration and sensitivity: precisely the attributes for a surfer.
Surf Turf. The air and flavour are those of the sea and holidays. For her, pastels on white and denim. Under, a bikini. Over, embroidered 70s’ muslins, flowery tops that seem faded because they’re printed on the inside, fine-striped polo shirts. Trousers are still low-slung, though the crotch is higher. For him, laminated prints on T-shirts full of inlays, topstitching, contrast piping; white, comfortable trousers and, above all, denim, army-canvas or cotton Bermuda shorts with faux tribal emblems. And, lastly, nylon Bermudas for riding the waves.
Urban hype. The angry young people have calmed down. Midnight-black, spraycan-black, gang-black, but… She mixes studs with rhinestones, adopts bubblegum-pink, little-girl-white, camo prints with butterflies and Lurex threads that appear on tops, T-shirts and mini shorts with an almost disco air. He, too, is covered in studs and wears a shiny satin bomber jacket, but he also displays unexpected, elegant touches: salmon-pink sweaters, helicopter-pilot trousers in Prince of Wales checks, embroidered shoulder tabs, a logo printed half on the front and half on the back, plain-coloured prints printed right-side-up or upside-down. And denim, washed with moderation.

Photo: Fabrica, F. Morandin
Source: press release KILLER LOOP


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